World Championship 1984

The 5th World Bowls Championship was held in Aberdeen Scotland form 6th July 1984.

Hong Kong Men’s team consisted of M.B. Hassan Jr, O.K. Dallah, Philip Chok, George A Sourze Jr and Edwin Chok. Team manager was Ken Wallis.

Hong Kong finsihed 9th out of 22 competing nations.

The 5th Women’s World Bowls Championships were held in Melbourne Victoria Australia from 13th February to 2nd March 1985.

Hong Kong Ladies team conssited of Helen Wong, Lena Sadick, Joan Humphreys, Rae O’Donnell, and Sandi Zakoske. Team manageress was Meg Pace.

Hong Kong ladies won a Silver medal in Women Triples. The players were Sandi Zakoske, Rae O’Donnell and Helen Wong.