Youth Development Team

Formed in 2001, the Youth Development Team was established to attract more youngsters who is below the age of 25 to participate in the sport of bowls so as to ensure the long-term development of the sport in Hong Kong.

The team, which is a result of the Hong Kong Youth Lawn Bowls Training Programme commenced in March 2001, was started with 32 young boys and girls who had joined the Hong Kong Youth Lawn Bowls Competition in 2000. The training was first held at Shatin but it then changed to Tai Po Waterfront Park and it remained their home green until now.

Today, YDT continued to recruit new members from youngsters graduated from the Youth Athletes Lawn Bowls Training Scheme (YAS) and has constantly maintained a squad of more than 50 boys and girls.

A number of graduates from YDT has moved on to represent Hong Kong at senior level, ensuring the supply of fresh blood to the team.

In September 2001, the YDT started to participate in the men’s Premier League organized by LBAHKC and the girls team was formed in 2004.  Over the years both teams have won a number of league champions.

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