umpire backgroundPerceived as one of the best in the world, the team of Hong Kong umpires ensures the smooth running of all major competitions under the direct control of the Lawn Bowls Association of Hong Kong, China.  They are under the governance of the Umpire Committee, whose members handle all matters pertaining to umpires.

The principal competencies required of an umpire are their ability in dealing with questions pertaining to the Laws of the Game and their capability in dealing with the more practical situations which may arise on the green, such as conducting a measure to determine the result of an end.  Additional responsibilities of managing the timely progress of a competition may also fall under the duties of an umpire.

Anyone who wants to be an umpire is welcomed.  They are required to attend a Hong Kong Bowls Umpire Training Course, which is aimed at providing all applicants with the knowledge and skills required to qualify as an umpire.  They then need to be successful in the formal examination which is held at the conclusion of the course.

All umpires are working voluntarily, out of the love of the game and a desire to create a fair playing ground for all players.  It is this kind of dedication that keeps the team going, perfecting their skills at any tournament they are in charge of.

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