World Bowls Championships 2012

World Bowls Championships 2012

The 12th World Bowls Championships 2012 was held from 24 Nov – 9 Dec, 2012, Adelaide, Australia.

Men Open – Robin Chok, Alex Ng, Stanley Lai, Andy Chan, Danny Ho
Women Open – Tammy Tham, Alice Lee, Jessie So, Joanna Nam, Camilla Leung
Team managers – Sanie Ng, Warren Kwok

The Line-up of Women’s team:

Fours – Alice Lee (lead), Jessie So (second), Joanna Nam (third), Camilla Leung (skip)

Triples – Tammy Tham (lead), Jessie So (second), Alice Lee (skip)

Pairs – Joanna Nam (lead), Camilla Leung (skip)

Singles – Tammy Tham

The Line-up of Men’s team:

Fours – Alex Ng (lead), Stanley Lai (second), Andy Chan (third), Danny Ho (skip)

Triples – Alex Ng (lead), Stanley Lai (second), Robin Chok (skip)

Pairs – Andy Chan (lead), Danny Ho (skip)

Singles – Robin Chok