Transfer of player (issued on 15/12/2016)

We received an enquiry about bye-law 3.9 and 4.9 transfer of player


“A player who has played in a completed match or more in any sides entered by one Club in any one season is not allowed to play in a side entered by another Club unless prior approval of the National League Panel is obtained…”, on what situation the National League Panel will approve the transfer of player.





Clarification from VP League



Transfer of player from one club to another club is strongly not recommended. Any transfer may create an unfair situation to the opponents thus may affecting the promotion / relegation chances of other sides.

We encourage on loyalty. Once a bowler made his/she decision to play for one club, he/she should play for the same club throughout the league season.

Approval on transfer of player will only be granted on very rare cases.

Since 2008. the league panel has NOT approved any application on transfer of player.