Tiger Bowls 2011

Tiger Bowls 2011
HKYDT grils

The Tiger Bowls International World Invitation Tournament was held in March 2011, The Hong Kong Tour took place between 12-13 March in Hong Kong, and the China Tour took place from 14-17 March in Shenzhen China.

Hong Kong China team was represented by James Keung, Andy Chan, Milo Lai and Stephen Chan. They participated in both Hong Kong and China Tours.

Hong Kong Youth Development Team (HKYDT) participated in the Hong Kong Tour. Boys respresentatives were Po Ting Hei, Andre Szeto, Chan Ka Yue, Tang Ho Yin, and Arthur Lam. the Girls team comprised Olivia Yu, Tiffany Tsui, Angel So, Amy Choi and Vivian Yip

HKYDT girls won the Ladies Plate title in the “Hong Kong Tour” event.