Substitute player (13/07/2009)

Recently we have received enquiries concerning the position of players after the introduction of a substitute in a team and I would like to clarify the situation.
During a game, when one of the players need to leave the green, due to sickness or some other reasonable cause, the team may introduce an eligible player as substitute.  Under Law 51.4 of the current edition of the Laws of the Sport of Bowls, “the substitute should play in any position other than skip, and the other members of the team can rearrange their positions as necessary.”  For example, if the substitution is for the Skip, the team can use the original lead to play as skip, move the third to play lead, use the substitute to play as second and move the original second to play as third.
However, please note that player should not be transferred from one team to another.
I hope this clarify any confusion over the use of substitutes.