LCSD to launch new intelligent sports and recreation services booking and information system on November 9

LCSD to launch new intelligent sports and recreation services booking and information system on November 9

The Leisure and Cultural Services Department (LCSD) announced today (October 17) that the new intelligent sports and recreation services booking and information system, SmartPLAY, will be officially launched at 7am on November 9 to replace the current Leisure Link Computerised Booking System which will stop operation from November 6 onward.


At present, over 200 000 people have registered as SmartPLAY users, including about 100 000 existing Leisure Link patrons (around 40 per cent of the Leisure Link patrons who frequently use the system). To allow more public members to register in time for using the sports and recreation facilities and services under the new system, the LCSD decides to slightly adjust the launching of the SmartPLAY to November 9.


The LCSD reminds the public that all people, including existing Leisure Link patrons, must register with the new system and complete an identity authentication process before using the new system to enrol in programmes and book leisure facilities.


From November 6 to 8, data transfer between the old system and the new one, report checking and online data verification, as well as re-inspections of all new system equipment including network security devices, will take place to ensure smooth operation of the new system. During these three days, the registration for SmartPLAY will also be suspended. To ensure a smooth transition, the LCSD will implement the following transitional arrangements from late-October to mid-November. Arrangements of balloting applications for hard-surface ball courts will be announced later (Please refer to the annexes for details).


Meanwhile, starting from November 1, the arrangements of reallocating the leisure facilities for individual users if such are not available for use will be cancelled. If the booked facilities are not available for use, users can apply for a refund through the existing mechanism or SmartPLAY system.


Apart from its core functions for booking facilities, the new system will provide more enhanced functions. The capacity of the new system will be enlarged to accommodate 10 000 concurrent users, as opposed to around 1 000 at present, so as to enable a faster login to the system by more members of the public. Moreover, users may enjoy a series of personalised services, like receiving e-notifications according to their own preferences, information on cancelled and released sessions available for booking, as well as checking balloting results and refund status, etc. Users may also receive notifications in case of urgent closure of leisure venues or cancellation of programmes due to inclement weather. The system also provides different means of e-payment.


The LCSD has provided 375 new Smart Self-service Stations at around 240 leisure venues (including District Leisure Services Offices in various districts). Members of the public can submit their registration, and complete identity authentication and account activation procedures at these Smart Self-service Stations.


To assist members of the public to complete the registration of SmartPLAY user account and to familiarise themselves with the booking of facilities and enrolment of programmes under the new system, a series of “SmartPLAY” Smart Way Workshops ( organised by the LCSD are now open for application, including some workshops dedicated to citizens aged 60 or above. Members of the public are welcome to join the workshops for free. Those interested are invited to check out details on the above website.


For more information on SmartPLAY, please visit the SmartPLAY website (, or call the SmartPLAY hotline at 3954 5150.