Skips’ Duties (28/04/2011)

One of the major changes in the Laws of Sport of Bowls (Crystal Mark Edition Two) is that the maintenance of the scorecard and scoreboard became a responsibility of the Skip throughout the game.  As we have received enquiries on this, we would like to further clarify the requirement:

  1. In league games, the home side skip should update the scoreboard and one set of the scorecard.  The away side skip should maintain the other scorecard.  They should compare the scorecard regularly to avoid misunderstanding.
  2. In national competitions, if only one set of scorecard is being used, this should be updated by the home side skip or player in Singles.  The away side should maintain the scoreboard.

Please note that the provision in the HKLBA bye-laws 1.4.A regarding the delegation of duties to other players is not applicable in this situation.  That means we will follow the above arrangement as stated in the new law.  We will amend the bye-laws in due course.

For situation where a skip may not be able to perform the duties, please use common sense to make the decision and be considerate.

I hope this clarified the situation and eliminate any further disputes.