Rescheduled game clarificaton (15/11/2010)

The League Panel clarified their view points on

a) Exempt 15 days limit for SLY clubs and

b) Allow swap of venue under mutual agreement.

1. Exempted from 15 days limit for SLY clubs – The League Panel did not accept the proposal. Games can be played in weekday evenings within 15 days. Actually, we preferred rescheduled games be arranged to play in advance. Exempt the 15 days limit is unfair to other sides that play in accordance with bye-law, also it limits the contingency if when there is anything unexpected on the rescheduled date.

2. Allow swap of venue under mutual agreement – The League Panel will approve any swap request of venue under two conditions a) both sides mutually agreed, and b) both sides fall within the acceptable home/away ratio after the swap.
The acceptable home/away ratio are:
– For division of 10 sides – home/away ratio is 4/5, or 5/4
– For division of 11 sides – home/away ratio is 4/6, 5/5, or 6/4
– For division of 12 sides – home/away ratio is 5/6, or 6/5.