The use of mixed set of bowls during a game

Recently there was a case in the Triples League when one team needed to play with a player less. As the remaining players only carried two bowls, they wanted to use a house bowl to make up of the three bowls required. However this was rejected by his opponent and eventually they have to replace the whole set with house bowl.

Obviously the objection from his opponent is wrong. According to the HKLBA bye-laws 3.5.c and 4.5.c, “If the players cannot use a Set of Bowls as defined in the Laws of the Sport of Bowls then one bowl may not be from the same set.” That means the player can use one bowl to make up for the missed number of bowls required in such situation.

So in future if your opponent came in with a player less, please help to provide them with one house bowl so that the game can continue.

Claudius Lam

VP Technical