No of bowls tried in Trial End

HKLBA got a message from other bowlers recently that we can try more than 2 woods if the numbers of woods being used in game is more than 2 woods.

The rule i got quoted is:

“Each player must not use more than the number of bowls being used during the game. If a player or an umpire notices that a player is using more than the permitted number of bowls, the defaulting player will lose the right to play any bowls remaining to be played in the trial ends.”

I am not sure whether this is fit for the definition of Trial End in HKLBA.

If this rule is valid in HK, do you mean that we can try 4 woods in National Single and Novice Single, for instance?

Please advise.

Thank you

Kit Hui


Reply from Claudius Lam, VP-Technical from HKLBA

According to HKLBA bye-laws 6.9.e, only two bowls will be played for all competitions in Hong Kong, unless otherwise specified in the Conditions of Play.

A similar enquiry was posted on the website a few years ago which you may also refer to: