Proposal on Triples League 2013 (Issued on 22/7/13)

The League Panel recommended to start the Triples League 2013 on 7 Dec for divisions with 10 sides.


Divisions with 11 or 12 sides will start one week earlier.



The league should finish by 22 Feb.


For detailed schedules, please refer to the attachment.


Regarding the format, the League Panel recommended 3 woods Triples with 16 ends.


For a 16 ends Triples, each player will bowl 48 woods. Each team will bowl 144 woods.


In compare with the premier league, each player bowls 36 woods and each team bowls also 144 woods.


The required time for each game should be almost the same.


Also the game will normally finish at the mat end which the game starts.


These two proposals will be discussed and endorsed in coming council meeting.


Should convenor have any feedback, please submit to HKLBA office before 8 Aug.