Siu Lek Yuen green maintenance (Issued on 25/4/19)

The maintenance work of SLY is almost there with only some minor defects being outstanding.

However, some facilities around the green are still ongoing, including the storage area and spectator stands.

We are still waiting for the official confirmation from LCSD regarding the date that SLY green can re-open.


After considering the situation, League Panel made following decisions:

1. All matches of next three weeks (original fixture date of 27/4, 4/5 and 11/5) with SLY home have to be re-arranged.

2. In view of large number of re-arranged games at one time, these re-arranged matches are exempted from the 22 days rule and have to be played on or before 7 Aug 2019 (one month before second half starts).

3. If any game cannot be finished by 7 Aug, both sides will be treated as “failure to arrive”.