KTS Initiative Premier League 2019 (Issued on 1/2/19)

KTS Initiative Premier League 2019 is organized by the Hong Kong Lawn Bowls Association and sponsored by the Kai Tak Sports Initiative Foundation Limited.

The KTS Initiative Premier League 2019 will start on 13 Apr. 2019. Exact date will depend on the number of entries and grouping of divisions.


Entries fee: $4,000 per side


Entries deadline: Wednesday 20th February, 2019


In the attached file, please:


1) For any withdrawal, cross out your lowest ranked side.


2) For addition of a new side, put the side (e.g. A, B, C, etc) under the column of lowest division.


3) Fill in the total number of sides (current, plus addition, minus withdrawal) under “Total No of Sides entered” column.)


4) Enter the home green under the “Home Green Venue” column.


5) Fill in the “Prefer day for rescheduled games” column with one single preference period. For nil input, we will assume you have no preference.


6) Fill in the “Auto Allocation for Rescheduled Games” column. For nil input, we will assume you choose Yes. If yes, we will auto allocate games on Saturdays and Sundays according to green availability.


7) If you have any special requests, such as unavailability of green or special commitments, please put them down in the Remarks field. We will NOT handle any preference request for individual side (e.g Men A & B playing alternate week).


Please complete your Entry Forms and advise us by return email on or before close of business 20th February, 2019 (Wednesday).


Enquiries: 2504 8249

Entry Form