Triples League 2019 Format (Issued on 20/11/19)

We received an enquiry about the format of upcoming Triples League. Below is a summary of the format.


1. Two woods triples with 18 ends per game;

2. Games in public venues will normally start at 10am, 2pm, or 5pm;

3. Games in private clubs will normally start at 2:30pm;

4. Only the skip can visit the head after delivery of his/her first bowl;

5. If a team is short by one bowler, the other 2 bowlers of the team will play 3 bowls. The gained shots will be deducted by 25%;

6. Time limit in public venue is 3 hours per game;

7. Top two sides and Champion team will receive prize as usual;

8. Two sides will be promoted and two sides will be relegated in division of 10 sides.


Cyril Leung

VP National League