Arrangement for National Championships 2020 (Issued on 23/3/20)

Due to the increasing risk of the coronavirus and the closure of all public greens from today, the National Championships Panel has decided on the following arrangement for national competitions this year:


2019 National Championships Finals Day – Winter

It will continue as scheduled on April 13, 2020 (Monday) at USRC but only players and officials involved are allowed to attend.


Champion of Champions Championship 2019

It will be postponed until further notice. There is a chance to cancel the event if time does not allow it to finish before the preparation of this year’s annual report.


National Pairs

A revised fixture from Round Three onward will be issued once LCSD confirmed the re-opening of its greens.


Indoor Singles

A revised fixture will be issued once LCSD confirmed the re-opening of its indoor greens.


All other competitions not mentioned above

The Mixed Pairs, Mixed Triples, Mixed Fours, National 2-4-2 and the Aitkenhead Shield has been cancelled earlier. All other competitions will be postponed for now. Revised entry forms will be re-issued once we have a better idea on the green availability.


Please let the HKLBA office know should you have any questions.