Arrangement for National Championships 2020 (Issued on 2/3/20)


Due to the possible impact of COVID-19 on greens availability, the National Championships Panel has decided on the following arrangement for national competitions this year and such arrangement has been endorsed by all clubs:

2019 National Championships Finals Day – Winter

It will be rescheduled before annual dinner 2019 (end of June). The new date will be 13 April, 2020 (Monday), which is subjected to the availability of USRC green.


Champion of Champions Championship 2019

It will be rescheduled to 4, 5, 11 and 12 April, 2020 (Saturday and Sunday) which all subject to green availability. Please note that two of the rescheduled dates (4 & 5 April 2020) will be clashed with Aitkenhead Fours Lawn Bowls Competition 2020.


Mixed Pairs, Mixed Triples, Mixed Fours and National 2-4-2

They will be cancelled this year to give space to other competitions. All entry fees paid will be 100% refund.


Indoor Singles

The fixture will remain and a revised schedule will be issued once LCSD confirmed the re-opening of their greens.


All other competitions not mentioned above

All other competitions will be organized as planned however the dates will be modified to fit in with the availability of greens. Entry form will be re-issued for those competition that has not started.


For National Pairs, the Round 1 is postponed to 15 March, 2020 (Sunday) but subject to the reopen of the public bowling venues..


Best regards,


Warren Kwok

VP-National Championships