Pacific Championship 1993

The Mazda 5th Pacific Lawn Bowls Championships held in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada from 25th July to 7th August 1993.

Hong Kong team consisted of Noel Kennedy, Danny Ho, Mel Stewart, Ken Wallis and Mark McMahon. Team manager was Vincent Cheung.

Hong Kong Ladies team were Lena Yeung, Rosemary McMahon, Rae O’Donnell, Jenny Wallis, and Angela Chau. Team manager was nadine Mullins.

Hong Kong team won two Silver and two Bronze medals.

Silver Men Fours Mark McMahon, Danny Ho, Mel Stewart, Ken Wallis
Silver Women Fours Angela Chau, Jenny Wallis, Rae O’Donnell, Rosemary McMahon
Bronze Men Pairs Noel Kennedy, Mark McMahon
Bronze Women Triples Angela Chau, Jenny Wallis, Lena Yeung