Offer of Bowls Flight Bag (Issued on 25/04/14)

Totally Brand New (NOT second hand, No-use before)

Please see the photos ( 3 photos attached here )

Bowls Flight Bag

This will hold 4 bowls in a carrier (included), plus shoes up to a size 8, and also has a side pocket for accessories.

Front opening, it is supplied with carry handle on top, and shoulder strap.

It is also compact enough to fit in almost any locker.

Sizes H 8″ X L 12″x W 11″

Color choices : Burgundy / Black / Navy / Blue / Lilac / Cherry

是全新, 未用過, 不是二手

Totally Brand-New, Not Second hand, Never use before

Bowls Flight Bag

Present selling price in store : (Retail price)


My Discount Price (30% less)


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