Memo – Dress Code for Coach (Updated on 6/7/21)


It came to our notice that some coaches have not followed the dress code we issued a few years back so I am writing to remind you of our standard practice:


Dress Code


As a coach you need to be a role model for your student and this starts with your appearance. Please note that the proper dress for our training session is our coach uniform and white or creamy trousers, other colour are not acceptable. You should also wear a proper lawn bowls shoes if possible.


Proper Footwear for Student


To better protect the greens, please pay attention to the footwear your student is wearing. While we have high tolerance to this, shoes with heels should not be allowed on the green. Playing bare foot is not allowed as it may cause injury. You may advise the student to find proper footwear before joining the course.


These guidelines are very basic and I am sure most of you are well aware of them. Now it is time to take them serious and further enhance the good image of our coaches. I would like to reiterate that any re-occurrence of this will be subjected to severe penalty.



Thanks for your cooperation.

Memo – Dress Code for Coach