Memo – Wearing mask during games (Issued on 14/4/21)

Memo – Wearing mask during games (Issued on 14/4/21)

Due to the easing of the pandemic in recent weeks, the Hong Kong Lawn Bowls Association will follow the Leisure & Cultural Services Department arrangements of wearing mask during matches.

From April 17, 2021, the following arrangement will be in placed:



Wear of Mask

League / National competitions


Must wear

League / National competitions



Training and other activity

Indoor and Outdoor

Must wear

Please note that the players should observe the rules of the venue first as the above arrangement will not override the standing policies of the venue.

At the same time all players should also observe the social distancing rules to avoid gathering of more than four people in a group and carry out the usual hygienic procedures before, during and after the game.

We hope such arrangement will allow all of you to enjoy the game in a comfortable and safe environment.

Wish everyone healthy bowling in the new season.

Memo – Wearing mask during games