Preferred day for rescheduled games (Issued on 21/2/12)

The League panel received an enquiry about the purpose of the Preferred day for postponed games.

Clarification from Cyril Leung (VP National League):
Clubs are requested to nominate a ‘Preferred day for postponed games’ prior to the commencement of league season (bye-law 2.8.d). It serves dual purposes:
1) When a game is postponed, one of the three options offered by the home side must be the ‘Preferred day of postponed games’. (bye-law 2.8.e.)
2) In case both sides fail to arrive a mutual agreement, the League panel will assign a date for the postponed match. Normally, the first preference will go to the Preferred day of the home side. If home side has no preference, next consideration will be the Preferred day of the away side.