Clarification of tied players (updated on 8/1/18)

After the introduction of ‘tied players cannot play for any other side in the same division”, there were cases that some bowlers played 7A1B tied to B and cannot play for A anymore. On 4 Dec 2017, the Council of Management added a clause in bye-law.

Since the website software cannot be amended on time, the below list will supersede the display on the website if there is any discrepancy.

3.7.c  and 4.7.c. If a player is coming to tie to a side and the club has more than one side in the same division, the player will tie to the side with most games played in that division. If the number of games played in the division is equal, the player will be tied to the side with last game played in that division.

Below is an illustration with Triples League assuming A and B side in the same division.

– bowler played 3A1B will tie to A

– bowler played 1A3B will tie to B

– bowler played 2A2B will tie to A or B depending on his last match. He will tie to A if his last match is A.

Updated on 8 Jan 2018

The below list will supersede the display on the website in case there is any discrepancy.

Triples League 2017

Club Player Date of tied Remarks
YLLBC Sammy LAW 5/1/2018 Tied to side A
YLLBC Vincent WONG Wai Choi 5/1/2018 Tied to side A
STSA Mark MAK Chi Leung 6/1/2018 Tied to side C