Bye-law change on reschedule request due to shortage of player (issued on 7/11/17)

In the Council Meeting of 23 Oct, the Council of Management approved the changes on bye-law 3.5.b

1. Any reschedule request arriving HKLBA office with less than 6 days, the side will be treated as “fail to arrive”. The normal penalty is to deduct 4 points and play the match within 22 days.

2. For any request arriving HKLBA office between 6 and 8 days inclusive, the side raising the request will be deducted 2 points if the request is approved.

3. League panel will NOT handle any request which is due to a shortage of player and submitted with more than 8 days in advance.

This change will be in effect from Triples League 2017 onward.


For details, please refer to website >> bye-law >> bye-law amendments 3.5.b.