Junior Squad List 2014 – 2015

The following players No. 1 to 5 have attained a position in the Hong Kong Junior Squad for this current bowling year.  During this period, only junior squad members will be chosen to represent Hong Kong in International junior competitions.


Men Women
SO Ka De, Anthony HKYDT 1 CHAN Cheuk Ying, Pinky KCC
CHEUNG Tze Yau, Michael HKYDT 2 LI Wai Si, Crystal HKYDT
CHOI Shing Hin, Jason HKYDT 3 YIP Wai Tak, Vivian HKYDT
YIP Ho Tak, Anthony HKYDT 4 CHAN Hoi Wing, Andrea HKYDT
LAU Wai Shun, Wilson
HKYDT 5 CHAN Ming Yi, Charmaine HKYDT
CHANG Ho Tin, Simpson HKYDT



TSUI Wai Ning, Tiffany HKYDT