Relax of 22 days rule for league reschedule games (Issued on 2/9/23)


Many games need to be rescheduled due to typhoon Saola or green conditions.

Considering the green availability situations, the League Panel recommended relaxing the constraint of playing the games within 22 days.

All rescheduled games can be rescheduled over 22 days and must be completed one week before the fixture date of the final matches.


The fixture dates of the last matches are listed below for your reference

28 Oct 2023 Women Div1-5
4 Nov 2023  Men Div 1-7
25 Nov 2023 Men Div 8-10, Women Div6


If any match cannot be completed one week before their division’s last match fixture date, both sides will be deducted four points and play the match before the last match fixture date.


Cyril Leung

VP National League