Clarification – M&W National Indoor Singles Championship 2021 auto allocation arrangement (Issued on 16/2/21)

HKLBA received some concerns about the automatic allocation arrangement for Indoor Singles. We would like to clarify it as follows:


1.  Before fixture is issued, HKLBA will allocate rinks in sequence.

2.  HKLBA will inform the Convenor of both sides (Home side and Away side) by email about the allocated match, date, time and venue.

3.  Convenor of both the Home and Away side should confirm with HKLBA within 24 hours by return email that their members accept the allocated match, date, time and venue.

4.  Should any sides not available at the allocated slot or the Home side refused to provide ID number (First 4 digits only) and his/her full name to HKLBA for booking purpose, the allocation will be forfeited. Both sides are required to follow the normal arrangement and mutually agree to play the match on or before the deadline.

5.  The vacated rink will be allocated to another match and back to step 2.


Hope this can avoid any disputes in the future.