Important Notice – Reschedule request of National Championships due to public events (Issued on 4/10/19)

In line with the instructions from the league panel about the reschedule of games due to public events. I propose the following arrangement are as follow:

1. LCSD and private clubs will consider their environment and decide whether the green is open for matches. Notification on postponed game arrangement and closing of green shall take reference to bye-law 6.8, 6.9, 6.10 and 6.11.


2. If both sides agreed, the game can be rescheduled and played before next round.


3. If both sides fail to agree and the green is open, then the game will carry on as scheduled.


4. At the scheduled starting time, if any side does not show up due to public event, the game should be considered as completed. The defaulting side has to submit the reasons and the details of their absent within 24 hours. National Championships Panel will consider whether any penalty will be implemented on a case by case basis.


National Championships Panels will review this policy in 3 months to evaluate the effectiveness and may impose enhancement in necessary.


We wish all bowlers to bowl in a safe and peaceful environment.


Warren Kwok


VP National Championships