Game continuation (23/9/2009)

While we are working on the enforcement of proper uniform and shoes for teams or individuals engaged in competitions organized by HKLBA, we would like to issue a clear instruction to ensure the smooth running of our league and national games.

Please note that no-one may refuse to play or disallow any player to play in a scheduled HKLBA competition on the basis of an improper uniform, unless:

  1. He/she is an official umpire/officer on duty and acting according to the tournament rules;
  2. The improper action may cause harm to other players or to the venue.  One of the examples will be improper shoes that may damage the greens.  In this situation all possible remedial actions should be considered before refusing the player his/her right to play.

The standard procedures are to continue with the game and file a formal complaint within 7 days after the game. The complaint will be dealt with by the relevant panel within 7 days of receipt of all the relevant detail.

All Club Convenors please inform your players about this.  I hope this clarifies the situation and will eliminate any further disputes.