Non-club Teams Accepted for Re-vamped Aitkenhead Fours (Issued on 9/2/16)


Bowlers can form teams across club boundaries to take party in the expanded Aitkenhead Fours this year. With a larger number of 96 teams allowed to join the event, non-club entries are accepted to compete with club teams for the first time.

The new format of play will also ensure fast-paced games throughout the two days of play. Major differences from conventional set play are 5 ends per set, one-end tie break and no rolling of the jack.

Prize money will be distributed to the first four teams of each gender division.

Each division will be drawn to play at SLY, TKO or VP for Day One sectional play. The top teams will be qualified for Day Two sectional play at SLY, to be followed by Semi-finals and Finals in Day Two afternoon. Event dates are Sat 19th and Sun 20th March.

The annual two-day Festival of Sport event used to allow only one men and one women team per club. This year, open entries and additional club teams will be accepted, in additional to each club guaranteed one women and one men team in each division. These additional club teams and open entries will be subject to a priority of selections as detailed in the entries form.

Entries close on Sunday, 14th February.

Please read the entries form for details. For enquiries, please telephone the Association office at 25048249.

(Entry Form)