Enquiry on how to fill up SBI places by other teams (Issued on 11/3/24)


We received an enquiry on “how to disqualify the SBI teams results for the previous Leagues and fill up the SBI’s places by other teams.”

Below is a clarification from the VP League:


All the SBI results were expunged in the previous league. Please refer to the Triples League 2023 Men Div11, Men Div13, and Women Div6 League table.


Before opening a new league season, the league panel will open the entries to all clubs.

After the entry deadline, LBA will consolidate all the entries and run the divisions/grouping process.


Below is the division/grouping process being conducted by the League panel.

1. Exclude those sides that had not played in past league e.g. withdrawals, disqualified sides

2. Exercise the two up and two down for promotion and relegation in each division for the new season.

3. Decide the number of divisions and number of sides in each division.

4. For any division with insufficient sides, we will follow the practice of “Promotion or relegation with more than two sides” to fill the vacancies. Please refer to https://www.hklba.org/new/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=543



Let us take an example of Women Division 6 in Triples League 2024

1. Based on the results of Div6 in League 2023, three sides will be excluded: CLBC-C, SBI-A, and SBI-B.

2  Two sides (AWASG-A, LCN-A) will be promoted to Div5, and two sides (STSA-D, HKFC-E) will be relegated to Div7.

3. If the Panel decides to have 10 sides in the Div6, the number of sides will be made up of the following

– two sides promoted from Div7 last year (LCN-B, YDT-B)

– two sides relegated from Div5 last year (CCC-C. WISC-A)

– three remaining sides from Div6 last year (ABC-B, HKPBC-B.IRC-B)

Up to this stage, we have 3 more vacancies in Div6; they will filled up with the following priority

– promoted the third position of Div 7 last year (GBLBC-C)

–  retain the second last of Div6 last year (HKFC-E)

– promoted the fourth position of Div7 last year (ULBSC-A)


Hope the above example can clarify our practice, which has been used since 2012.