Enquiry – No.3 head visit in league game (Issued on 05/07/13)

Enquiry – No.3 head visit in league game (Issued on 05/07/13)
Tseung Kwan O Bowling Club

HKLBA received an enquiry from Johnny Ng (TKOBC).


Would like to check if it’s no longer allowed for No 3 to follow his last bowl to the head, when opponent’s 3rd still has a bowl to play. I was challenged by my opponent’s No 3 in yesterday’s game on this.


I tried to locate any relevant rule on the Association’s website, but can’t find a directly applicable one. Yes, it did mention we should wait till both No. 3 delivering both bowls before going to the head, but that should be meant for avoiding unnecessary hold-up of the game due to walking up.

Personally, I don’t see that if the possession of green is observed, how No 3 following the last bowl to the head would affect the smooth flow of the game. But of course if there is such a rule set up by HKLBA, I am happy to comply with.

Pls enlighten me. Thx.

Johnny Ng


Reply from Claudius Lam – VP(Technical)

The rule you got is probably an older version. The new rules has taken out the clause about restricting the Number Three moves to the head until everyone finished bowling. In fact, the new rules allow the Number Three to visit the head after delivers his/her first bowl. Under these rules, The Number Three can definitely follow his bowl to the head but the normal “Possession of the Rink” laws still apply, which means that the bowler need to either behind the mat or behind the head when the bowl stops.

Hope this clarify the situation.