Drawing of Rinks Procedures (3/2/2010)

The Drawing of Rinks procedures were revised in the Council meeting held on 1-Feb-2010 effective immediately.

The changes ensure the random matching of opponents and rink numbers.

2.5.a. For side matches, the drawing of rinks shall be done before the match starts in accordance with the following procedure. All players names shall be the same as recorded in accordance with Clause 2.15.b.

1) Prior the draw, both Home and Away Side Captains shall enter the names of their players on their score cards. They shall shuffle and exchange their score cards without looking at the inside of the cards until step 4.

2) Away Side Captain shall lay down the (home-side) score cards with data facing downwards on the table, then mark the number of rink to play on each card.

3) Home Side Captain shall lay down and pair-off the (away-side) score cards on top of those marked score cards.

4) Both Captains shall then turn over the score cards to reveal the drawn opponents and their rink numbers. The Side Captains shall copy the names of their players to complete the drawing process.

The amended bye-law will be revised and uploaded to website later.