Clarification on registered players (Issued on 05/06/14)

The league panel received a query on registered players and would like to issue a clarification.








X is a bowler in club (e.g.HKFC).


In week 01 (1/5), he played in HKFC-A.


In week 02 (8/5), he is away and did not play any game. HKFC-A played the game as scheduled. HKFC-B had not started their game on 8/5 and rescheduled it to 30/5.


In week 03 (15/5), X played for HKFC-A.


Just before week 04 game on 22/5, HKFC-A submitted the registered player list including X. Thus X was a registered player of HKFC-A.






X did not play for HKFC-A on 8/5, can he play for HKFC-B in the reschedule game on 30/5?


Clarification from League Panel:
1) Bye-law 3.6.a “The convenors shall register … its players, before it plays its fourth league match in any league season. …”
Therefore, once the fourth league match starts (after delivery of the first jack), the registered player is effective immediately.
2) Bye-law 3.6.b “A registered player shall not play for another side which is a lower ranking side…”
Registered player is not allowed to play in any lower ranked games which starts after the registration of player is effective.


In this case, X is a registered player effective on 22/5


The rescheduled game started on 30/5, thus X was not allowed to play in the rescheduled game.



Please note that if week 02 game started on 8/5 and suspended, X was an original player of HKFC-B on 8/5, he was allowed to play in the resumed game on 30/5.



Best regards, Cyril