Clarification – 22 days rule of a postpone game (Issued on 20/04/16)

HKLBA received an enquiry about the 22 days rule of a postponed game.

When the ‘within 22 days’ rule is invoked (for a postponed bad weather – regular league game)… When does Day one start?


The clarification from Cyril LEUNG (VP-League) is as follow:

The 22 days counts game date as Day0. The day after is Day1 and so on.

Take an example that a game with original fixture date of 1 June. If the game was postponed, then Day1 will be 2 June and Day22 is 23 June. Therefore offers between 2-23 June inclusive are valid offers.

If a re-arranged game was approved to play on 5 June. However, on 5 June, the game was further postponed due to bad weather. Then the clock starts again from the day after. That means offers between 6-27 June are valid.

Similar rule applies for further postponements.