Clarification of auto allocation policy (issued on 17/04/18)

In response to an enquiry about the auto-allocation policy on league fixture, VP League clarified that

1. When a club submits their league entries, they can take the auto-allocation option. The option is valid by Club, but not by Sde. The choices of men and women can be different.

2. The allocation choice will only take effect in the allocation of the home side matches.

3. If greens on Saturday afternoon are insufficient, matches will be allocated to other timeslots according to the priority of green usage.

4. No women games will be allocated in the evenings for personal safety reasons.

5. The allocation order in public green will be

a) Men matches: Saturday evening >> Sunday afternoon >> Sunday morning >> Sunday evening >> mutual agreement

b) Women matches: Sunday afternoon >> Sunday morning >> mutual agreement

6. Private clubs can specify different timeslots (e.g. all men’s games will auto allocate to Sunday afternoon) in the league entry form. If not specified, matches will be allocated as clause 5 above.