Change of Bowler Of The Year Point-Awarding Events and Points Table (Issued on 20/3/14)

Change of Bowler Of The Year Point-Awarding Events and Points Table

The Council of Management has approved changes to the list of premier national championships and the associated points table for the Bowler Of The Year (BOTY) Award, the points which accumulated are also used in the calculation of Bowler Rankings which forms the basis of the Hong Kong Squad qualification process.


  1. The National 2-4-2 Pairs has been removed from the list of premier national championships, and hence removed from the points table.
  2. The National Knock-out Singles has also been removed from the list and the points table, and replaced by the Hong Kong International Bowls Classic singles, both the main draw and qualifying, in the latter as a point-awarding event.
  3. The revised list of premier national championships for both genders are:


  • National Singles
  • National Pairs
  • National Triples
  • National Fours


In proposing these changes, the National Championships Panel has taken into consideration the following factors:


  1. The increase in demand for Sunday fixtures due to the growing number of entries. It is the prevailing practice to hold premier events on Sundays only.  One of the premier events has to be moved to mid-week evening and hence lose its premier status in order to fit the current number of national championships and competitions into a calendar year.
  2. The growing number of entries for National Knock-out Singles (KOS) has reached a stage which necessitates a qualifying to be held prior to the one-day event itself. In that case, the KOS would share significant similarity with the Classic singles and its qualifying which is an event open to all bowlers. With high calibre international players in the Classic, it is considered to be a more appropriate event to be recognized for the BOTY Award.


While changing the composition of point-awarding events, the panel took the opportunity to propose re-alignment of the four premier events into two tiers in the points table. This is to better reflect the relative level of contribution of individual competitors between different formats of play. In addition, a top tier is created for the Classic singles (main draw & qualifying) to reflect its higher quality.


The revised points table and associated conditions to take effect immediately are as follows:


Winners in

Round of 64

Winners in

Round of 32

Winners in

Round of 16







Hong Kong International Bowls Classic

Singles & Qualifying(*)

2 2 2 3 7 14
Singles 1 1 1 2 5 10
Pairs 1 1 1 2 5 10
Triples 1 1 1 2 4 8
Fours 1 1 1 2 4 8




(*) Points shall be awarded to bowlers qualified through the Qualifying or representing Hong Kong or the Association only.


Note 1 – One point for each match won up to and including the Round of 128.


Note 2 – Winner of the BOTY Award is the bowler who finishes the season with the highest number of points, provided that the bowler has participated in a premier national championship in the bowling year.


The National 2-4-2 Pairs and National Knock-out Singles will remain in the annual bowling calendar though no longer premier events.


The National Events Schedule posted on the HKLBA website is now confirmed.


Walter Kwok


Vice President – National Championships



19th March 2014

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