Questions on Restricted Movement of Player from Cellina Sheck (Updated on 03/09/12)

Questions on Restricted Movement of Player from Cellina Sheck (Updated on 03/09/12)
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I need some clarification on the recent issues of rules by the HKLBA re the above specially in regard to “Double Skipping”. As a skip myself, my understanding of “no double skipping” is that the No. 3 is not allowed to stand together with me at the end while waiting for the leads and No. 2s to bowl, and according to the new rule, my No. 3 shud be allowed to stand together with meat the head while waiting for the opponent’s skip to bowl (if it is her turn first), and I can stay on the head until she had delivered her bowl. However, at last Saturday’s league game. I was given a different version of the rule by my opponents, and even when I had to go to the washroom, my No. 3 was not allowed to stand on the head to watch the jack for me !

Therefore I should be grateful if you could give medetailed explanation of the rule so that I can have clear guidlines when I play my future league games and othere national games.

Cellina Sheck


The reply from Claudius Lam (VP-Technical)

Thanks for your enquiries about the “Restricted movements of players on the green”. I am sure many bowlers are having the same doubts so I will try to clarify them and post this on the Forum for other bowlers’ reference.

The term “No double Skips” means that there will be no head visit by the Lead, Second and the Third. After they delivered their bowls, they need to stay at the mat end, wait until both Third delivered the bowls and move to the head end together, while the two Skips should also proceed to the mat end at the same time. The Skip can move to the head end after he/she deliver his/her first bowl though.

So in your case the Skip should not stay with the Third at the head end to wait for the opposing Skip to deliver her first bowl.

On your second question about Skip need to leave the green for a while, the Third is allowed to take over the direction of play at the Skip’s position. The Third should return to the normal position once the Skip returns though.

If the Skip needs to leave the green when the Third is delivering the bowls, the Second should take over the Skip’s position and provide instruction.

The spirit of the instructions is to speed up games and provide a fair competition platform for all bowlers. In most of the time it is more common sense than strict rules.

I hope this answers your questions and please let us know should you encounter other situation that needs our clarification.



Follow up from Edmond Chan (WSC)

Regarding allowing third to take over the direction of play when the Skip leaves the green for a while, it may induce teams to play tricks of leaving the green often, prolonging the game ultimately. My suggestion is only the one who delivered all woods of that end should take direction of play. When the lead is playing while the skip not on the green, the opponent team Skip should help to give distance as courtesy. This is the spirit of no head visit on lead, second and third, while ensuring smooth running of the game.

Edmond Chan