Cancellation of Triples League 2019 (Issued on 20/2/20)

Consequent to LCSD announcement that public venues would be closed up to 2 March, we can only resume the Triples League at the earliest on 7 March, 2020. It is therefore impossible for us to catch up with the schedule.

In view of the situation, the League panel recommends the followings : –

1. Cancel the Triples League 2019 and all results will be expunged.

2. No promotion or relegation. The composition of future Triples League will base on results of Triples League 2018.

3. No prize will be awarded to any side or teams.

4. Entry fees will be fully refunded to all clubs.

5. Scorecards fee will not be refunded.

6. HKLBA office will contact LCSD about the refund arrangement of public venues.