Book release – Bowls: Making the Most of Your Game (Issued on 7/11/14)

Book release – Bowls: Making the Most of Your Game (Issued on 7/11/14)

Hello everyone

It may seem to some of you like I am writing from the other side of the grave. Yes, it’s me.

For some that don’t know, I’m no longer the editor of Bowls International magazine. I haven’t been for a couple of months. That great privilege now belongs to Sian Honnor. And what am amazing three years it was for me. Thanks to all of you for your help in that time.

I have written a book on bowls that is out on general sale as of October 31 about how to improve your game, with input from some of the greatest players ever – Willie Wood, Tony Allcock, Andy Thomson, David Bryant, Natalie Melmore, Steve Glasson…the list goes on.

Many of you work for an association, retailer, manufacturer etc, and if you would like to purchase multiple copies at a discount rate to resell or for any queries at all, please contact Sarah Plows at the publishing company that commissioned the book. Sarah Plows: 020 7251 6551.

Any publicity would be gratefully received; if you have Facebook accounts, Twitter etc, please do put the copy up and spread the word and feel free to alter the copy accordingly.

If you want to buy a copy online you can do so by following the links:


W H Smith:

I have attached two press releases for you to choose from to upload/use and an image of the front cover.

For anyone that wants to keep in touch, this is my new email and I now work for Time Out Doha magazine.

Very best wishes to all of you,

Patrick (Hulbert)


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