4 Steps To Success in Lawn Bowls Books are now available locally in Hong Kong (Issued on 25/09/14)

Strobe Sports are happy to announce that we now have an agent in Hong Kong with a supply of the 4 Steps To Success in Lawn Bowls books for local delivery.

This will represent a significant cost reduction over the use of airmail from Canada to deliver your Chinese 4 Steps books to you.
If interested in this service, please email: hongkong@strobeonline.ca

Step1 -Strategic Competence and Step2 – Technical Excellence are both available in dual language Chinese and English with the excellent translation done by Francis Yau.

Step3 and Step4 are also being stocked in English only in Hong Kong.

Thank you to all the lawn bowlers in Hong Kong who have bought the 4 Steps books in the last 2 years. We hope this new service will improve the availability of the books to Hong Kong Players.

Stephen Forrest

Strobe Sports

6375 Weismiller Drive

Port Alberni BC V9Y 8K8