2018 Australian Open

2018 Australian Open

Esther Yu and Cheryl Chan proudly display their Women’s Pairs silver medals for the 2018 Australian Open, the most prestigious tournament in Australia.

Singles Pairs
Adrian Yau KO (Round 128) KO (Round 64)
Lyndon Sham KO (Round 256)
James Po KO (Round 128) KO (Round 128)
Imen Tang N/A
Cheryl Chan KO (Round 64) 1st Runner-up
Esther Yu KO (Round 128)

Sports Road on 25 June, 2018

Upower on 25 June, 2018

Hong Kong team debutants Cheryl Chan and Esther Yu achieved great success at the Australia Open by entering the final of the women’s pairs.  The game will be at 9:00 Hong Kong time this Friday, June 22, and will play with B Edwards (VIC) & G Edwards (VIC).  Please go to the official Australian Open site http://australianopen.bowlsaustralia.com.au/ to find out the live broadcast details. Let’s give them a big support.











Eight squad members representing Hong Kong, China in the 2018 Australian Open (9-22 June) play a test series with Queensland state bowlers at the Bu

rleigh Heads Bowls Club in their final preparation for the tournament.

The Australian Open 2018 was staged at Gold Coast, Australia

Playing Dates:  9-22 June, 2018

Hong Kong China Squad represented by:




Adrian Yau

Ada Lai

Imen Tang

Cheryl Chan

James Po

Esther Yu

Lyndon Sham

Phyllis Wong

Team Manager: Mr. Walter Kwok

Coaches: Ms. Eva Hui

HPM: Danny Ho

Sports Trainer: Ms. Jade Wong