Australian Open 2015 (Updated on 23/06/15)

Australian Open 2015 (Updated on 23/06/15)

The Australian Open 2015 was staged at Gold Coast, Australia

Playing Dates: 13-25 June 2015:

Hong Kong Squad represented by:

Men Women
Ken Chan Helen Cheung
Ken Chan KK Amy Choi
Terry Kung Camilla Leung
Timmy Kwong
Shirley Ma
Bosco Li

Joanna Nam

Lui Chin Hong Phyllis Wong
James Po Vivian Yip

Stephen Sy

Dorothy Yu

Team Manager : Walter Kwok

Coaching Staff : Terry Lau and C S Suen

HPM : Danny Ho

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Hong Kong squad debutante Phyllis Wong, pictured practicing at Mermaid Beach Bowls Club, finished a top 32 in the women’s singles.

Ken Chan in driving mode in the round of 32 match against Gold Coast-based Canadian international Ryan Bester.

The match of Ken Chan and Terry Kung against Jeremy Henry and Aaron Teys in the first elimination round of the men’s pairs at Helensvale went down to the wire.
The fours team of Amy Choi, Dorothy Yu, Helen Cheung and Vivian Yip fought an uphill battle against reigning champion contingent of Anne Johns, Rebecca Van Asch, Lynsey Clarke and Ellen Ryan replacing Kelsey Cottrell at Club Helensvale, Gold Coast in the Quarter-final.
Amy Choi played a most creditable defeat to Australian National Team Captain Lynsey Clarke at Mermaid Beach Bowls Club.
Squad members benefitted from all-day test matches with the Australian Jackaroos at Tugun Bowls Club.